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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  December 12, 2009 2:00am-3:00am EST

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powerful name in nules. the row rye -- >> demand it! >> yeah. here is glenn. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. tonight, i am going to make your head hurt, i will. here is something that's going on that nobody is really explain ing that is going to allow the rich -- i mean the uber uber rich to get richer and you to be out in the parking lot kicking rocks saying what the heck just happened? i'm going to try to explain it to you. i want to warn you in advance, set your dvr or vcr or grab a pencil and paper because i will tell you what the really rich know and what you should know. once you understand this, i think you're going to be able to prepare your family and make some real decisions. come on,ette will he let's go.
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you know that song "thank god it's friday" from the 19 70's? when that first came out, it was thank god it is friday. now i get to every friday and go, thank god it is friday. thank god it is friday. hello, america. let's start here. when there is a financial crisis in your family, you know, what do you do? do you have a budget meeting? you look things over. maybe it is the same with you as it is with me. i bet it is. your look at the numbers, and you know, you find out that you have run up too much debt, and you know, let's just say -- let's be crazy. let's say you find out that even if you devote 100% of everything that you got coming into your house, your salary, to pay down that debt, it would take you 14 a 5 years to pay it off, what would your advice be to that family? honey, it's going to take us 145 years. what would you do?
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break out amex! time to go spending, macy's here we come! yeah, yeah. you wouldn't do that and neither would i. you would cut the credit card. i remember my mom and dad back in the 1970's, they had some tough times and i remember they gathered us all around the garbage can as they cut the credit cards. don't get into credit card debt is what they taught us, but our government, they haven't learned that. maybe we should stand around the garbage cans in our kitchens and say cut them now. the government has raised the debt ceiling by $1.8 trillion. remember that spooky number i have been telling you, what are we at $12.2, $12.4 trillion? they just said ok we can spend more. david obey just summed it up. this is the best excuse for action. here it is -- we don't really have a choice. the bill has already been run up
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and the credit card has already been used. when you get the bill in the mail, you just need to pay it." how? so that's what we're doing? we're just paying the debt off? wow! well, then problem solved. except that's not the total truth. if it were the total truth, would they borrow money then to pay the bill and then borrow even money to whack up new charges? no, no. congress is trying to tell you we have to do this because our hands are tied. yeah, and you in congress are busy tying them up, and you're tying our children up as well! but, good news is we're at least creating or saving jobs. i mean, that's what we have the $787 billion in stimulus for, right, to create job bz? oh, my gosh, jobs are coming off the printing press as fast as dollars are. obama and congress rushed us into $787 billion, so what are we possibly getting out of the
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$787 billion stimulus package? warning, warning! wrap your head in duct tape, because it's going to explode any second. i want you to know, i'm not going to stop your head from exploding, but at least you will have all of the pieces of your head when you go to the hospital. no doctor will say oh, exploded head, watching the glenn beck show again? ready? this is what you got. this is the stimulus package, a failing golf course in san francisco. how much did you pay for that? $2.2 million. how about the, oh, the california wine train, it is lovely this time of year.$54 mi. $1.5 million went to fossil research in argentina. then we had $75,000 that went to pay for puppet shows and a clown theater! we already have one. it's called the capitol!
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almost $400,000 went out of your tax dollars to pay for malt liquor and marijuana journals to be kept. i got stoned today at 4:00. then, we had to study the hookup behavior of college students. how much was that one? only $200,000. that's it. they'll tell you for free! half a million to study how people use facebook. in the stimulus package, this is creating jobs. then, here's my favorite. this is $220 million -- sorry, $220,000, and this one was just to study the sex drive of birds and rats and the caste system and also to study the division of labor in ants.
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if i were pitching today's america to hollywood, they would throw me out. they'd say nobody would believe this movie. i didn't make it up. this is all true. you can't make it up! by the way, side note, andy stern is now organizing those ants. paper. now, that part i made up. the obama spokeswoman shrugged it off. she said waste, even if there were a few unwise projects, it's only a handful out of the over 50,000 projects approved to date. a few unwise projects? i just listed eight! eight that wasted over $50 million of taxpayer money, projects like this one -- hillary clinton's pollster, he's getting $6 million but it's to save jobs. $6 million. do you know how many jobs they're saving?
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now maybe that kind of thing doesn't bother the people in washington, but it sure the hell bothers the rest of us. it's our money, and it's not just the democrats. i want to make sure you're very clear, this is bipartisan on this one. you know that there's a new omnibus bill that is out,, 2,400 pages, they're voting on it. yeah, the people that are voting on it only had access to that bill for 24 hours. has anybody read that bill? the republicans have slipped in more than $1 billion of pork barrel spending. republicans, aren't you supposed to be the party of fiscal responsibility? aren't you? aren't you supposed to be the other choice from the people who are spending like drunken clowns in the clown theater? you wonder, republicans, why the polls show you being beaten by the nonexistent tea party party. how could you possibly justify spending more of our money on
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ridiculous grants and i'm not making this up, like the wanda fuca festival. don't give me oh, it's only $1 billion. the whole bill is $447 billion. that's like me coming home and saying to my wife, ok, all right, so i slept with eight or ten tramps, look at tiger woods! stop spending. cut the credit cards of congress. while the rest of america has shred 7 million jobs since this recession began in 2007, 4 million jobs have been shed since obama took office. where the hell is the media on this one? well, that's been going on, but while that has has been going on there is one sector that the government succeeded in creating jobs. do you know what sector that is? the federal government. warning, head. this is from this morning's
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"u.s.a. today. " the federal government has added 10,000 jobs a month while the rest of the country is hemorrhaging jobs. this next part is going to make your head explode. remember, how many times have you heard about the evil c.e.o.'s and the wale thyest 1% from our politicians? who in the government is making out the best? quote, from u.s.a. today" the highest paid federal employees are doing best of all including salary increases." isn't that interesting? it turns out being rich is only bad if you're in the private sector. hmm. transportation department, when the recession began, they had how many? how many employees making $170,000 every year? how many? 1. how many do they have now? 1. 1,690.
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the average salary in the private sector, you, $40,331. you ready? the government employee average salary -- $71,206. and again, get the duct tape out. the government says that's not enough. they have salary caps. they got to ease those sal i caps. you got to to be kidding me! the same people who were admonishing the greedy c.e.o.'s are giving themselves raises, so when the boss in the federal department gets a raise, oh, they want to make sure everybody wins. for instance, ready, the f.a.a. chief, the fed of the f.a.a., he got a raise, uh-huh, over $170,000. how many people also got a raise over $170,000 at the same time he did?
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1,700. where is this on the front page of "the new york times"? where? where? why is it just you and me? why is it just a few media outlets that are outraged by that. here is my favorite. max baucus, you know, the guy from the baucus bill and the chairman of the senate finance committee, we just learned that he gave $14,000 of your dollars in a pay raise to this woman. she's a looker. well, at least that's what he thought. oh, yeah. he was romantically involved with her. later that year, he took her on a taxpayer-funded trip to southeast asia in the middle east. oh, that's fantastic! even though, it is not her specialty, foreign policy. max, what is her specialty?
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this is during a financial crisis! need duct tape soon. o no wonder barack obama is saying he saved the economy. if you're in this system, are you kidding me, who is making this salary and saying this is great? things are pretty darn rosy from inside washington, d.c., aren't they? we can see clearly now that the steps my administration is taking are making a difference, wanting the worst of this recession, and helping to bring about its conclusion. >> really? put this together in your head, america. the spending i just showed you overthere, the golf courses and the $54 million wine train and the puppet shows for $75,000, was that in your head, now put in your head that congress is raising the debt limit to $1.8 trillion, another $1.8 trillion. ask yourself, they're creating
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these kinds of jobs, tell me what we're selling people around the world off of these jobs? how does any of this massive government expansion make any sense for our future without tours? cloward and piven. i'm begging you to look that up and to seriously consider it. it is the idea that people are collapsing it because they know it can't stand. collapse it so we can reboot it, but what will america look like after it's been fundamentally transformed? you got to ask yourself do you believe the politicians in washington? what would be their motivation? well, if you believe them, that increases their power, so you can do that, or you can listen to yourself what you know in your gut. that doesn't make sense. that doesn't make a darn bit of sense. why are they pushing healthcare
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right now? you are not for it. why are they pushing it? because they're not afraid of you anymore. they don't work for you. harry reid is losing, probably lose his election, what are his poll numbers now? what is his strategy to win? he is going against the people in his own state. well, he's got principles. bull crap! you mark my words, you will find this guy out of a job in washington, but he will have giant corporation that he is a shield for or he will be some giant lobbyist. mark my words! look up the guy who is currently the c.e.o. of general motors and his connection to rahm emanuel. see, i know how washington works and in your gut, so do you. these people may lose their position, but they will not lose their power. now, how about the people who are not connected to the government? what are they doing? what are they doing to make sure they don't lose their money? well, barack obama says everything is fine, while people who put their money who their mouth is, they don't agree, and
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let me show you, because my grandfather taught me that during the great depression, the people who had money made money, so the secret is to keep your money, don't lose it. you don't have to make money necessarily. you just got to get into a really tough situation with money, because only the people with money can make deals. got it? our system, i think, is kind of like a traffic light. there is green, yellow, red. the green would be stocks and corporate bonds, all right. they would be people where there is money around, where there is the saying let me invest in business. the yellow is treasuries, t-bills, the red would be for gold and land and god knows what? we don't ever go to red. we have always been a country in the green. when people have billions of dollars to invest, they feel comfortable and they invest them in that guy has a good idea, i'm going to help him start a business. that guy, that is a good car
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over there. i'm going to invest in that. when they don't know what will happen, when they think, oh, something is going to go bad, what do they do? they put their money into treasuries, t-bills because those things have never gone bad, but when there is a flood, when there is a flood, we have never gotten this far into gold and guns and everything else, we have been a country on the gene level, but four times in this country's history, we have gone into the yellow level in a serious way, when there is so much money being poured into these treasuries are short-term treasuries that the yield or the money that these people would make on that investment, it goes down to zero. four times in history it has gone down to zero. that means people who are very rich saying, look, i don't care, i don't care if i make a dime with this money, i just want it back. can you just hold it for me and i want it back. i'll give you a dollar, in six months or two years, you just give me the dollar back.
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i just don't want to lose it. four times in our country's history this has happened. the last three times that it happened were all one event t was last december '08. ok. we had to abandon the free market -- that's when everybody thought the world was coming to an end. it went to zero. now, remember, president says this -- >> we can see clearly now that the steps of my administration is taking are making a difference, wanting the worst of this recession, and helping to bring to its conclusion. glenn: so let me ask you, mr. president, why would the people with the eel mon money made an historic move, because for the fourth time in our history, our short-term treasuries are at zero. just keep this money for me. i don't think this is going to work. anybody who has a ton of money and they put their money where their mouth is, they don't feel comfortable where they're going. it is yellow, and by the way,
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you are seeing flashes of red. gold is massively down in the last week, but it may zoom up again. it may not, but it's a warning sign of flashing red light, which we also airily, if ever see. what does this all mean to you? two options -- you either believe the people, because they may be right. the hope for change in people, which includes all of the spending, which to me makes no common sense. they may be right. you choose that. or you follow where the money is going. put your money where your mouth is. the big smart money knows the old complain, yeah, the rich keep getting richer, but that's because they knew. the smart money is hunkered down and things could get much worse. i hope they don't. i'm not trying to sell you treasury bills or anything else. what i'm trying to say to you is here's information. do not spend like congress does.
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cut your credit cards up. get out of debt! don't be beholden to anyone. when you're in the grass ry store and you buy macaroni and cheese and see two boxes for the price of one, get the extra box. do you remember our grandparents used to have fruit cellars. they grew their own food in their backyard. i can't do that. i don't even have a fruit cellar how did we survive? i know how our grand parents did it. we're going to survive the same way. we're going to ban together, and if we'll all just remember are the words of our grand parents and the things they did, if we all just create our own little fruit cellar, we'll be fine. next week, i'm going to show you -- this is short-term. i'm going do show you how that spending that i showed you earlier, that's the next level, how we're creating a mortgage crisis, a mortgage meltdown, but this time the house is not your
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neighbor. this time it's the entire country, because the interest rate on our mortgage is about to reset. more on this and also the crazy things that are happening in washington with the e.p.a., next.@
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glenn: i know it's friday and the last thing you want to talk about is, hey, let's watch a geeky t.v. show about short-term treasury bonds. here. we'll wear our pants up like this, hey, let me tell you about short-term treasury bonds. i can't express to you enough on how important it is, short-term treasury bonds, for you to understand what is coming. no matter what sunshine and lollipops what the president or
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anybody else says in any party, smart money says not so fast. david buckner is here. he is an adjunct associate professor at columbia university. david, i just gave the traffic light the red, green and yellow. >> right. glenn: the average person is in the green is stocks. that's where the average person is, right? >> that's correct. glenn: that's why you see this coming back up, the communication that it's safe to go out again. >> many are starting to invest back there again. glenn: is it real? >> it doesn't seem to be sustainable because the people starting those stocks a year ago are going into treasuries, those are people that are institutional investors. glenn: what does that mean? >> they represent large businesses or governments or unions or foreign entities. they're the ones that have a lot to risk. glenn: these are the george soros people if they're individuals? >> that's correct. glenn: then you have the god,
2:25 am
gold and guns. that's crazy territory. >> that's when it gets really scary are. whoever is in either one of those will flee to that when they think it is all over. glenn: but we don't go to this territory. >> but you have seen people dabble there. glenn: generally, this is the line. >> if you get to there, you're in trouble. glenn: so the t-bills, to understand why this is important is because my theory is this is people say just take my money and hold t. >> it is a mattress and saying put it under the mattress and make sure i don't lose it. it is not the t-bill, some boring component of economics. you're putting money under the mattress and saying, please, return it to me. i don't care, just don't lose it. glenn: i was talking to a friend of mine. he is a hedge fund guy with just tofns of money, been in the business 40 years, investments and buying businesses and
2:26 am
everything else. i came up with this analogy. see if this makes sense. we don't -- as a country, as a country, it's like we've moved to california where it is the land of earthquakes, but we have never had earthquakes before. if you're in new york and say to somebody, where is the safest place in your house besides under the table in an earthquake, a lot of people wouldn't know. it's in the door frame, ok. you stand in the door frame. if you're from the west coast, you know that. stand in the door frame. why? it is the threshold. it is the place that is most secure for you. the country has never had earthquakes, financial earthquakes like this, so the door frame on this side is the stocks and t-bills. talk to this guy, and he will say, glenn, i'm here. the door frame of insanity, really is gold, god and guns, because you don't know what's on this side of the door, right?
2:27 am
so you're standing here with the treasuries, and you're just hoping you're going to jump back out, but you really don't know. he said for the first time, he doesn't know which way he's going and he has no idea. nobody has ever thought about what's on this side of the door frame. does this make sense? >> the metaphor is perfect for this reason. the people that know the door frame is the safest have already started to go there. this is evidenced in the zero interest rate. the yield rate of zero, the people who know the earthquake is possible are standing in the door frame. those of us who have moved to california are still standing outside the door frame saying i like the sunshine. glenn:ite. so what is the -- when you see the big money moving to there, because i just said this the the other day, you want to survive whatever is coming, shadow soros. i don't know if you can even shadow him, because it's all hidden. >> elusive. glenn: shadow soros, because that guy knows where it is going to fall. this is what he does for a
2:28 am
living. what does it tell you, david, when the people standing in the door frame, why is it that no one else is talking about this? why is it that no one else has noticed the zero in front of the short-term interest rates? >> because they're selling their stocks to go into treasuries, and if no one is there to buy the stock, or if they sound the alarm, everybody will run to the door frame, they won't get in, and get a price for getting out. glenn: what is it do you think they're seeing right now that is pushing this? because everything that the average person sees is, like, well, ok. >> but, glenn, you have to be honest. the discussion we have here about the debt ceiling. how many people are sitting around their kitchen table and saying $14 trillion? glenn: nobody. >> but these guys see that and are looking at an exorbitant deficit. how many people are visiting around the dinner table saying, oh, my gosh, the debt is
2:29 am
outrageous. they're not, they're saying gene sprouts, green chutes. the one that know we will never pay this back, and we is the risk of inflation, they know all the variables about the earthquake. glenn: could it be a lot of them are doing what they did in the 1930's, which was you could not predict the government, so you're taking it out of the stock market, because you don't know if they're going to pass this healthcare thing. you don't know if they're going to pass cap and trade. if they do, business is over! >> that answers the short-term even. the reason they're going in at zero for short term is right now with cap and trade, with healthcare, with everything else the government is throwing to see if it is stick, it is terrifying them. they saying until someone in washington figures this out, hold it. put it under the mattress. i'll take nothing. just wait. glenn: america, i want you to know, clearly, i am not a financial advisor kind of guy. i just told you a story of a guy who is standing in the door frame, and he's doing it for a
2:30 am
living and he is like, i don't know. i don't know. it is the uncertainty that is killing america, nothing else but the uncertainty. you can't do business in uncertainty, so what do you do? take the uncertainty out of your own life. shore up your own life. get out of debt. don't spend too much money. buy a second box of macaroni and cheese. take the pressure off of yourself, because people who are a lot smarter than we are roar you are, are they are doing something that most people in america are not. what is it that they see from their altitude that nobody is showing you in this altitude? back in a minute. cheer clear. >> are you going to spend your weekend fighting for a parking space? forget about t eat your way to double stuffed oreos while
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financial bill. what are you kidding me? it's the barney frank bill. they can just come in and break up companies that they think are
2:36 am
a danger to the economy! what? this week, i told you about the environmental protection agency, and the obama administration, moving towards regulating greenhouse gases, without that silly congress standing in the way. who was it that said this last summer that congress was quickly becoming irrelevant. who was it? who was it? who was it? i think congress is overplaying their hand, more importantly, i think they're being outplayed and outmaneuvered. i think they're making themselves irrelevant to a massive new federal framework that obama seems to be e erecting with all kinds of czars and everything else. no, no. in that big financial bill who, is going to make the decision what is a danger to the economy? who is going to do that? oh, i'm sure it will be congress. congress, what the heck is wrong with you? the e.p.a. now has ruled that carbon dioxide and five other
2:37 am
greenhouse gases endanger humans and must be regulated. how dangerous is this gas? we breathe it out! now the feds can regulate the companies who emit these gases, a company like power plants and factories, you know, evil places that give people jobs. but everybody in washington knows, it's going to hurt small business. it will kill jobs, so why would they do it in the middle of a recession? answer, it's a way to, what is it cass sunstein says "nudge" lawmakers into passing cap and trade. you see, as we have learned from this guy, and this book, this is the book that was written in prison by a felon, david axelrod says it is the blueprint for success, you can't really pick the lesser of two evils without on the more evil option on this side. this one is evil but this one is
2:38 am
really evil. the e.p.a. regulating business is the really, really evil option compared to keeping hold of cap and trade, which is just merely evil. if you don't get it, democrats like john kerry have spelled it out, and i'll speak slowly for anyone in washington. "the message to congress is crystal clear, get moving f congress does not pass legislation dealing with climate change, this administration is more than justified to use the e.p.a. to impose new regulations just like geng gas koon and it will not include investment incentives and the bill proposed in the senate today given the proposal for agency regulation, those who aim to grind the legislative process to a hals would rather come running to congress to secure the kinds of incentives we can pass today." if that sounds a little too vague today, here is what an
2:39 am
unnamed president's advisor said to reporters about jobs today, quote "if you don't pass this legislation, then according to the supreme court decision, the e.p.a. is going to have to regulate in this area, and it is not going to be able to regulate on a market based way, so it's going to have to regulate in a command-and-control way, which will probably generate even more uncertainty." don't you see what these people are doing? evil and really, really evil! there is another choice, but it requires congress to grow a spine. the e.p.a. administrator, lisa jackson, explained the e.p.a.'s new powers that could be used to complement legislation in congress, not simply replace it. watch this. >> i do not believe this is an either/or proposition. i actual actually see this as a
2:40 am
both and, the e.p.a. can help compromise legislative efforts. glenn: do i have my bible, i think it is part of the book of revelations, part of the four horsemen! wow, evil and evil, we can combine them so we can have really evil or just evil and really, really evil. i mean, i'm surprised that people in washington don't just once in a while come out and say, yes, this is what i want to tell you from the dark world of the underworld. what's going on? they don't just want to regulate air. they also now want to regulate water. congress is moving towards changing government jurisdiction over water. right now, the federal government can regulate and control all and a half navigable waters. that means if it's large enough to put a ship in and have traffic, then the feds control it and the adjacent waterways, but they just want to make just a couple more, nudge, just a nudge a couple of words out of there. and anavigable waters they willn
2:41 am
to waters of the united states, because who uses the word navigable anymore? really, the feds now, with this couple of word change, will be able to control all this, all waters, which are subject to the ebb and flow of the tide, all waters including interstate wetlands and all waters intrastate lakes, rivers, streams, including intermittent streams, mud is floops, sand flaps, wetlands. sloths. sloths, i don't i don't know wht is, prairie potholes, wet meadows, play lakes, what is that? i'm tiger woods i want to play in the lake? natural ponds of the united states, tributaries of the aforementioned waters, the territorial seas, the wetlands adjacent to the aforementioned waters. are you kidding me? they going to be able to control everything but your bird bath. as an ed editorial in "the
2:42 am
washington times" pointed out, enactment of the cwra would surely spur massive court fights. the cwra massive regulatory overreach would run afoul of the constitution's interstate commerce clause. how an intrastate of the storts affected by this bill would qualify as intrastate commerce is beyond normal evening." bad for business. bad for jobs. possibly uncon constitutional. it will bring lots of lawsuits. who is designing this stuff? somebody i warned you about, regulatory czar cass sunstein. he is also an author of a theory in a book called "nudge" which basically is, no, you don't have to do anything. you just nudge people. you just tweak things. he is really dangerous because nobody sees him coming. no. nobody sees what the power that
2:43 am
this man has, and while he is not a radical, his views are radical. he is not doing anything. he is just changing a couple of words. what? pay no attention. have more popcorn. go to a movie. go to the mall, shop, shop, shop. whether it is a nudge, a push or a shove, this country is changing. it is transforming. a transformation a lot of americans, mark my words, when they fully wake up and see the awful state that we are in, they will say, not in my lifetime! they don't think we need t they don't want it, but why should we be surprised? the president himself warned us but we continued to not listen. >> we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america. >> well, next, nancy pelosi has a christmas gift. next.
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glenn: ok. i'm so torn, because i have been telling you to save your money, and i mean, that but i'm also a capitalist. buy my book. here is the thing. i tore even on the buy my book thing, even though i told you to save money, because this is relatively cheap. i'm giving away something for free. i'm a capitalist. that's not part of my
2:48 am
vocabulary. i'm like, free? really? my genius staff is giving away this free leather gift box. this is with arguing with id idiots and there is also another one for the christmas sweater that you can buy. i spent hours signing these things. this is really what gets me. here is the book. you get the gift box, and you spend hours and hours signing these and this one is not signed. ok, well, it's not this one. it's free! what do you want from me? ok. so this is actually not one of the autographed ones because it comes with a special page that is signed. i spent hours signing these things. here is what hacks me off. i spent all the time signing these, and they come with this certificate of authenticity, which, who is faking this, really, who is faking it? but this one, the signature on the authenticity on the guy who is supposed to verify, that is a xerox. that doesn't make me happy. he should sign them, too. go to, right
2:49 am
now, hurry. supplies are dwindling faster than tiger's marriage. i'm just saying. back with a look at nancy pelosi's christmas gift for america. trust me, this is better,
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glenn: i've been warning for months that they are trying to pass healthcare by the end of this year. look at these bills. look at this. this is a fundamental transformation of america, pages, thousands of pages, not minor tinkering here, massive changes to the way you live your life. the senate plans to pass this mess before christmas. healthcare will pass! everybody is bickering over this bill today because of the federal tax dollars that are
2:53 am
going to pay for abortions. how can we get this out of the bill? stop! it is a diversion. it already has you assuming that the healthcare bill is passing, and mark my words, what you're going to see in the next 30 minutes will confirm it. this bill will pass! and it will change everything. you know, i think i said in january, by this christmas, you're not even going to recognize your country. do you? now speaker pelosi is backing the medicare buy-in plan with the senate healthcare deal. she said, quote "there is certainly a great deal of appeal about putting people 55 and older on medicare." according to the wall street journal she is even willing to give up 20 house seats next year if that's what it takes because she can't break her promises so she will sacrifice palms. last week she promised us all a big christmas president. >> i'm confident that we will have a bill as a christmas present to the american people. glenn: some christmas present it
2:54 am
is, a government healthcare takeover. i mean, it's a really great idea to expand medicare, a system that will be, according to the government, insolvent within ten years. under medicare, only about half of all u.s. hospitals are running a deficit or have to raise prices for private providers. this way, we can make all hospitals run deficits, and just get rid of the greedy private providers. the progressives are always talking about how high our healthcare costs are. do you know who is responsible for setting the cost of nearly all of the current healthcare costs? the government. through medicare and med medicaid. ask your doctor. they have been planning expansion of medicare for a long time, and this is their big chance to rush it through. convicted felon robert creamer, he wrote about it. this is the prison blueprint. he wrote this in prison. he wrote "healthcare reform needs to pass in 2009." why, robert? because 2010 is an election year, and they know you don't
2:55 am
want this. 61% of you don't want it, to be exact, not to mention 80% of americans who are rin sured and are satisfied with their current coverage. that is going to change. give yourself a christmas present by calling your senators to let them know they must not allow this to pass. who do they answer to? i'm sorry, does that sound like hate speech? this must not pass! the present pelosi, reid, obama thing, they got a big lump of coal for you, america. let them know that they really shouldn't give you that gift. no, i mean, you really shouldn't do it. don't wrap it. don't buy it. don't put it under the tree. this christmas, let's give the gift that keeps on giving. it is an old idea. politics of the past. it's called freedom. back in a minute. p
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2:59 am
glenn: i want to thank you so much for watching this week. we'll be back again next week. i also want to wish anybody who celebrates hannukha happy hannukha. good chavez, whatever it


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